Fill out the Event Registration Form

Thank you for considering running an event or panel at TAG Fest 3.0! In order to make sure we can accommodate your event, please read this page and complete the entire form (link below). If you’re doing more than one event you must complete a new form for each event. If we accept your event, we'll contact you by November 6, 2016. We're planning on posting the final schedule a week before the event!

f you are running an event at TAG Fest, you are responsible for ensuring all those attending your event have convention badges and are of appropriate age for your panel.


TAG Fest caters to attendees of all ages. It’s very important our event content is accurately rated. Please rate your event appropriately.

Anyone can attend your event. Little to no objectionable content. May reference mild violence or death scenes, but nothing graphic. Sexual content must kept as PG as possible. Watch your language.

AGES 13+
Your audience will be teenagers. Depictions of violence and death are allowed, just not too extreme. Depictions of nudity and sex are not allowed. Language can be a little more relaxed, just watch the F-bombs.

AGES 16+
Your audience will be older teenagers. More severe depictions of violence and death are allowed. Depictions of nudity and sex are not allowed. Language is largely unrestricted, just keep it classy. Please remove anyone who looks like they’re under 16.

AGES 18+
Your audience will be adults, end of story. Content is ultimately unrestricted, but cannot be illegal in the state of Ohio. Be sure your content has a point and isn’t shocking for the sake of being shocking. Even though these panels are largely unrestricted, they should still be thoughtful and well-constructed. Glass City Con will be providing ID checks at the door. However, if someone that is blatantly underage slips past the ID checker, please ask them to leave or get security to remove them.

Please indicate the days and times you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT run an event. This does not guarantee you will be assigned specific times. Times will be announced before the event, so be prepared to present at those times.

When scheduling your event, please note the TEN MINUTES prior to your event is designated setup time, and you must end your event TEN MINUTES before the start of the next event. This allows the previous panel time to clear out and attendees to be seated. If you feel you won’t have enough time to run your panel with this buffer, schedule an extra half hour.
For example, if your hour-long event is scheduled to start at 2:00pm, please begin your setup at 1:50pm and finish your panel no later than 2:50pm.

It is very important you indicate everything you need for your event. Your room and time assignment may be based around resources available. If you don’t request it ahead of time, you may not get the resources you need. Conversely, if you don’t absolutely need it, please don’t request it. Please note we may not be able to provide you with the resources you need. We will notify you ahead of time to make arrangements. We welcome you to bring in your own resources.

If you are unable to run your event or need to change the time, please let us know as soon as possible! We understand emergencies happen, and will do our best to accommodate your needs. If you do not show up to your event within fifteen minutes of the event’s start time, the event will be cancelled and you may be barred from running future events.

If your event doesn't run due to lack of attendance, please wait TWENTY MINUTES before leaving the room. A member of our live events staff will check on you. If a staff member does not check on you, please report to Con Ops.

If you are coordinating an event, you will receive a free admission badge. Additional badges are granted based on the number of hours of programming you provide.
For a ONE hour event, three TAG Fest badges will be provided.
For a TWO hour event, four TAG Fest badges will be provided.
For a THREE hour event, five TAG Fest badges will be provided.
Any additional badges must be approved by the Head of Live Events.
Please note: We expect panelists to pick the appropriate amount of time for their event based on content, and not make a "badge grab" for their friends. Live Events staff will be monitoring events for the quality of content to ensure only the best events are present at TAG Fest!