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2d6 Live! in Concert
presented by 2D6 – Ages 16+

"..a legendary musical group."
"No band has influenced pop culture the way they have."
"Irrepressible and irresistible, they were -- and remain --the world's most astonishing band."

The band? The Beatles, whom 2d6 once listened to. They were pretty good, too! Those descriptions were probably pretty accurate! But 2d6 is pretty good, too. They're a couple of nerds, who were once a couple of animals, who found a pair of six sided-dice after running away from a lab--listen, the backstory's a lot to take in; suffice it to say: 2d6 likes to rap about geeky pop culture. Anime, video games, comic books, roleplaying, 2d6 covers it all! And not only do they do it, they do it with more energy, verve, and panache than any other band you've ever seen.

Listen, nerds know a lot about words. Rappers must know a lot of words to succeed. QED, nerds are the best rappers. So let 2d6 to rap at you while they pelt you with a ton of candy. Check out 2d6 @!

Anime & Video Game Pictionary!
presented by Glass City Con – All Ages

Ready for some fun game show action? Get a team of people together and get ready to draw!

The Beat, Dropped: Overlooked Video Game Soundtracks Through The Ages
presented by Saker Alexander (DJ Stuck of 2d6) – All Ages

Sure, we all know Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy have amazing music. But what about those soundtracks that haven't gotten as much recognition for whatever reason? Whether it's great music in a terrible game or just something that's been lost to history, 2d6 will attempt to check out a bunch of these and give our opinion about what makes them great.

Charity Raffle
presented by Glass City Con – All Ages

Purchase tickets throughout the day, and join us for the big raffle to win prizes! All proceeds go to the Lucas County Humane Society.

Cosplay Contest
presented by Glass City Con - All Ages

The Cosplay Contest is your opportunity to strut your stuff on stage for a panel of judges, for the entertainment of an adoring audience, and for some awesome awards! We have two different categories: Craftsmanship and Performance. All experience levels are encouraged to compete. Competitors need to sign up at the Cosplay Registration Desk in room 209 between 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM for a judging slot. Don’t worry, the judges are all nice, and the cosplay staff will help you get registered!

A Hunter's Initiative: A Supernatural Panel
presented by Stella Thomas – Ages 13+

Ever wondered how to combat the things that go bump in the night or the things that pop up in campfire stories? Join the Winchester crew as they talk about the creatures and characters that star in the show and anime Supernatural.

Idol Study Club: A Love Live Panel
presented by Michael Wolfe – All Ages

Join Nico for Idol Study Club! We'll have an overview of the game and anime as well as chances to express your devotion to all things Love Live (including sunshine!) through song, dance and cosplay! Nico will have small prizes (things almost as sweet as her!) for those who exhibit the heart of an idol!

Into the World of RWBY
presented by Stella Thomas – All Ages

Join Pyrrha and Jaune as they talk about the animated show "RWBY" and its new branches, the manga adaptation and video game "Grimm Eclipse!" Prepare for many laughs as they relive some of the funniest moments of the show and talk about some of the most popular and debated fan theories!

K-pop and J-pop Dance Performance
Abracadabra Productions – Ages 13+

Abracadabra Productions is back with another of their legendary K-Pop, J-Pop and Anime Dance Performance! Come watch a huge collaboration of some of the most skilled and entertaining dance cover groups in the midwest; all bringing that Asian pop dance culture to Tag Fest! If you've never seen an Abracadabra Performance before, get ready to have your socks knocked off!

Karaoke with Nico
presented by Michael Wolfe – All Ages

Come on out and sing your heart out! Whether you are a novice or you've won Love Live, come on out! Kpop, Jpop, Anime, Disney and beyond! Music from all genres and languages is welcome!

Learn to Dance with Abracadabra
Abracadabra Productions – Ages 13+

This energetic dance workshop will get your blood pumping with some of the most popular K-Pop and J-Pop dances ever! Have you never danced before in your entire life? Not a problem! Everyone learns the hippest moves to show off to all their friends and family. Expect some jealous stares.

Lord Loki's Theater of Mischief
presented by Lord Loki's Theater of Mischief – Ages 18+

Lord Loki's Theater of Mischief makes a spectacular return to the wonderful event that is TAG Fest! It may be our last show before our indefinite hiatus but rest assured we have a lot of new things planned for you.

Love Live: Dance Like an Idol
presented by Nancy Kohn – All Ages

Want to become a school idol? Join Nozomi, Eli, and Honoka as they teach you some of the fun dances from the anime Love Live!: School Idol Project, and Love Live! Sunshine!! No prior dance experience required, come and have a good time.

Make Your Own: Cosplay Ears
presented by Glass City Con – All Ages

Come join us and learn how to make your own cosplay ears! Easy and simple cosplay for anyone of any age!