Glass City Con is Toledo’s Premiere Anime & Gaming convention! We provide a fun & safe environment for attendees of all ages! We offer an exciting roster of Special Guests, a Dealer Hall with 65+ dealers, over a half dozen event stages and event rooms, amazing cosplay panels and events, a game room featuring 30+ consoles and over a dozen arcade cabinets, tabletop gaming of all kinds, and much, much more! We'll be welcoming 1,800 attendees this year!


Glass City Con 7 is a two day event beginning Saturday, July 15th at 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM, and July 16th, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Glass City Con 7 is being held at the SeaGate Convention Centre in Toledo, Ohio. Check out Location & Hotel for the address, parking, and hotel information.


Admission is just $30 per person at the door. Pre-register today and save money and get more perks! Check out Registration for more information about prices.


2017 will be the 50th anniversary of the classic adventure comedy, Lupin the Third! To celebrate, Glass City Con's theme is based off this historic series!


We welcomed 1,600 attendees at Glass City Con 6 in 2016. This year, we're expecting 1,800 attendees.


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No. The Glass City Con staff and Owens Community College decided it would be mutually beneficial to part ways. Glass City Con is now seperate from Owens Community College and is now entirely self-funded.


The harshest reality in the world of conventions is there are going to be changes as we find things that aren't working, aren’t right, or have someone bail on us the night before the event. Check the siteFaceBook, or Twitter often to ensure the most up-to-date information.


Yes! While we try to keep the site error free, bugs do slip in from time to time. If you find broken link, mispelled word, or something that looks funky (not including Big Uncle Fuku), contact us immediately at glasscitycon@gmail.com. We'll fix the problem ASAP!


Big Uncle Fuku is a man’s otaku, traveling the country in his semi-truck packed to the bolts with anime merchandise that he takes with him on his travels. No one knows how he can afford all this stuff, since he can’t haul any actual cargo with all of that anime in there. It’s one of the many nerdy mysteries in life, and if you question him, you can expect a monkey wrench upside the head.

Big Uncle Fuku was created by Chris Zasada in 2002, stitched into creation with a fake beard, flannel coat, and a school girl uniform he just happen to have lying around. After having the hat made, Big Uncle Fuku was ready to stomp into the nearest convention.

He made his first stage appearance at Ohayocon 2002 during a very poorly planned cosplay where the only good joke involved Big Uncle Fuku ripping off his bathrobe, revealing his manly attire. At Jafax 2002, he made another appearance in a far better skit involving plastic swords, ninjas, Doug Smith, and toilet hugging. The skit was well received, and won the group a hardy award.

His final stage appearance was at Jafax 2004, where he co-starred in a first-place winning skit where a group of role playing stereotypes took on the executive of 4Kids Entertainment. He since dropped off the face of conventions, making a brief appearance at Anime Central 2006 wearing a bathrobe, but there were no reveals.

In 2008, after plotting out the preliminary details of what is now Glass City Con, Zasada, now the advisor for the Owens Anime Convention, frantically searched for an image of Big Uncle Fuku online while at an impromptu planning session. Hitting pay dirt from a video on YouTube, Zasada pointed to everyone who would listen and informed them this was their mascot.

Artistic duties for turning Big Uncle Fuku into a marketable symbol was placed on Josh Smith’s shoulders, who worked diligently to produce the artwork you see now.

At GarasuNoShiCon 2009, the original Big Uncle Fuku showed up in the middle of opening ceremonies, enraged that we altered his image to make it more appealing. As hosilities rose, the new Big Uncle Fuku stomped on stage and battled it out. The fight continued throughout the convention, until finally MC Natalie had enough and demanded the two call a truce. The truce was quickly broken, however, when new Big Uncle Fuku whacked old Big Uncle Fuku over the head with his trusty hammer and sped off.


GarasuNoShiCon 2010 was declared the battle ground for their final showdown. After posturing at the opening ceremonies, both Fukus greased the palms of attendees with prize money to gain support. The ultimate battle went down after the Cosplay Contest, when both Fukus strode on stage, stared down each other for a brief, tense moment, and commenced their battle using the most ancient of arts: rock, paper, scissors.

Old Big Uncle Fuku came out the victor, and the battle seemed to be over. However, new Big Uncle Fuku challenged him to a battle in Cosplay Arena, and came out victorious. Suddenly at a draw, the two quietly retreated, each vowing a re-match at the next convention.


At Glass City Con III, the con staff was tired of the Fukus fighting on stage, so they arranged to have the fight taken to the digital realm. The two battled in a game of Fuku Fighter II ' Championship Edition, and as new Big Uncle Fuku was about to win, old Big Uncle Fuku angrily slammed the console, crashing the game.


At closing ceremonies, Josh forced a reconciliation between the two, and peace had seemly at last been reached as he pointed out both Fukus had their own place at Glass City Con. That is, until they once again got into a squabble, causing Josh and Natalie to leave in frustration. This was apparently a ruse to get the two MCs out of the spotlight, as it turned out they seemly did form an alliance, at least for now...


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However, if something looks missing, or you have any questions or comments, please contact us at glasscitycon@gmail.com!