Shirts made of Win!

We sell Japanese snacks, figures and plush!

We carry all kinds of anime and non anime character goods!

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WHERE RANDOM IS THE RULE!!! Home of the Grab Bag Addiction! We offer a wide variety of unique anime collectibles, accessories, hand-made Dango plushies and more from classic favorites and new series alike! And all at affordable prices! Come check us out to see what we have to offer you!

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Offering unique handmade leather accessories, Fully custom steampunk goggles with hundreds of different customization options. Flow Toys including custom colored Toroflux, Levitation wands, Poi, Contact balls, Juggling toys and unique cosplay props! Visual kei, Gothic, and Steampunk clothing, Pieces for Renfair, comic, anime etc. All designs are carefully and precisely crafted to be one of a kind with a warranty on most items. Wares include Flow toys, Bracers, wristbands, cuffs, collars, belts, earrings, necklaces of EVERY fandom, armor, leather books, Grimoires, Custom goods, Visual Kei, gothic, and renaissance Clothing. If you have an idea in mind just ask! I can make or modify just about anything in various colors, sizes, styles etc to make it personalized to your exact specs!

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BUF's Otaku Stop is your one-stop shop for your otaku needs! We offer a massive selection of new and pre-owned DVDs and Bluray, including rare, out-of-print titles. We also offer manga, video games, wall scrolls, figures, plush, key chains, and more! Additionally, we carry adult titles if permitted. We also carry a wide variety of fun grab bags which have our customers coming back for more!

We are a Midwestern anime, manga, collectible, cosplay/Steampunk and Japanese snack retailer.

Comic Wreck has 100's of Posters & Prints - TV (including Dr. Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf & Walking Dead), Movies, Comic Art, Anime/Manga, Video Games, Toys and JPS-Just Plain Strange - and 100's of Manga books – AND we are always looking to BUY & TRADE Manga books, so be sure to bring your overstock and discards, as well as your want list! In addition, we have a wide & weird collection of comics and related merchandise.

We craft handmade leather products!

We sell a variety of FDA-Approved costume contact lenses.

Fanboys Geek Gifts specializes in providing fun, unique gifts for the geek in your life! We stock everything you want from anime and video games to comics and sci-fi/fantasy. Our products range from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, to The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. We stock a variety of merchandise that is sure to please your inner geek! Please visit the photo section or visit our EBay store at www.ebay.com/user/fanboysgeekgifts to browse some of our current in-stock items.

We sell anime collectible figures, plushes, bags, art books, wall scrolls, T-shirts, cosplay costumes and accessories such as necklace, key chains, cellphone straps & cases, pins, flags, fleece/caps, TCG (Weiss Schwarz,Yugioh, MTG, pokemon) & many Board Games!

We will be selling posters and comic books, and promoting the Grand Rapids Comic-Con in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

We offer a selection of cosplay makeup and accessories.

We sell Japanese anime and gaming figures, trading figures, and statues. Specializing in rare and discontinued figures such as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Monster Hunter.

Since 2003, Kyoto Anime has brought a fine selection of imported anime collectibles to you at a fair price. Whether you're in the market for a cute plush or a cool mech, something from the latest and greatest series or something a little more old-school, a stop by our booth is a must!

Super awesome and unique custom decal stickers/vinyls, etched glasses, and signs. We have everything from comic book characters, to super heroes, to anime, to pop culture, and more in a variety of sizes and colors! You will not find most of these decals and designs any place else!

There is no need to fly all the way to Japan for an authentic kimono shopping experience, when you can shop with Ohio Kimono! Ohio Kimono imports authentic new and gently used Japanese kimono directly from Kyoto, Japan! From vintage collectables, to new fashionable yukata the stock offered is always changing and always direct from Japan. Ohio Kimono mostly sells in person at a variety of conventions and festivals through the year, offering personal hands on care and fittings. A full line of kimono accessories are also offered: from juban, to obiage and kanzashi.

Seann's is a brick and mortar retailer in Sylvania Ohio focusing on Comics, Anime, Manga and other collectibles including Funko Pops, Action Figures and Statues

Hiya! We sell new, used, and hard to find Anime merchandise! This includes your typical figures, plushies, blind boxes, and key chains, (with product lines ranging from the early 2000's to now), as well as obscure media, home goods (towels, dishware, bedding, electronics, etc.), office supplies, mecha and magical girl collectibles, Tamagotchi, and much more that you wont find anywhere else!

Shiny Trinket is a company specializing in Jewelry and Accessories for Cosplayers. I sell Anime Jewelry and Accessories. They include necklaces, gothic and victorian chokers, steam punk necklaces, pendants, cat ears, harajuku style hair barrettes, fruit hair pins, hair bows, anime and animal pantyhose, kigarumis, flower hair crowns, little hats and gemstone necklaces. I make about 60% of my own jewelry, the fruit hair pins and harajuku style barrettes, hair bows and gemstone necklaces are my own creation.

Steam Punk-related jewelry, accessories, apparel, hats, goggles, and more.

Original designs in plush, apparel, accessories, jewelry, paper goods and more!

Teaologie is a tea edutainment and retail business that samples and serves tea at conventions and special events. From traditional Chinese specialty teas to whimsical fruity herbal tea, our menus are featured in coffee shops and entertainment venues throughout southern Michigan. Tea ceremonies and informational lectures are our specialtea!

We are a Pokemon trading, jewelry wearing, butt kicking company specializing in products by artists for the fans!

Providing you with trending Japanese fashion and toys!

We offer an assorment of anime plushies, toys, costuming bits, backpacks, and more!